Guns vs Education

For every gun shop in America, there are about one and a half K-12 schools.  If you live in an average American community and count up about how many elementary, middle, and high schools there are around you, there should be two-thirds as many gun retailers. (This includes pawn shops licensed to sell firearms.) Of course, … [Read more…]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

I ran into this headline today: “PEW POLL: 63 MILLION MUSLIMS SUPPORT ISIS IN ELEVEN COUNTRIES” I won’t link to the article, but you can probably find this site through a quick search. My first thought was that this number seemed small–I was pretty sure that there were over a billion Muslims in the world. Sure enough, … [Read more…]

Secret Santa Can Suck It 2014: ShellHawk

As usual, I’m late, but as usual, I’m having a blast picking out Secret Santa gifties for someone I don’t know that I don’t actually have to give! Over at Shadow Manor, the Caretaker organizes an annual “gift swap” that involves unlimited budgets and lots of images but no actual exchange. It’s perfect. This year, … [Read more…]

What Do You Look Like in Heaven?

This is one of my fundamental problems with bodily resurrection (or even some kind of spiritual resurrection where you still look like yourself): what do you look like when you’re bodily resurrected or spiritually residing in heaven? I only knew my grandmother when she was my grandmother: short, white hair, friendly hugs, matriarch…but when I … [Read more…]

Secret Santa Can Suck It: KSena

This is one of my favorite times of year: the virtual gift-exchange that the Caretaker over at Shadowmanor organizes. If nothing else, it’s a reminder of how infrequently a blog… The rules are simple: what would I give to my Secret Santa (wait, I’m the Secret Santa, my secret…naughty child…?) if I had endless time, … [Read more…]


I’ve been thinking recently about the closets☯ that we inhabit. Specifically with regard to my beliefs. I’m an atheist, a humanist, a pagan, awestruck by the majesty of mountains, the simple clarity of the moon, the taste of night on my tongue, the smell of winter… And of course, some of these things are utterly … [Read more…]