Music Monday: Pro Tip: She Didn’t.

I was linked to this vid by this amazing post: Is It Cold in Here? about sexism within the skeptical/atheist community. Sexism I have not, myself, encountered, but which sounds just like what I experienced while working in tech and now, as I try to work in law (not to mention when I try to … [Read more…]

Sex Crimes

I was sent a link to a tequila ad by Lessie Brown who asked my opinion on it. She sent it in the context of a page I’ll link to below, because I think it deserves to be watched on its own merit first: For Harriet has the following to say about it: The scenario … [Read more…]

Music…Tuesday: You + Me = Not to Be

I literally just discovered Ms. Maura (but was too tired to write this last night). I love her jazzy sound—it’s almost steampunky to me. I like this as a ballad between a time traveler and someone encountered during those travels. It’s likely a much more traditional relationship, but “Peace for a Place” feels like a … [Read more…]

Music Monday: the Bishop

My sister used to live in New York and my mother had decided that we would visit her to see Broadway shows. She would be there for longer than I, and I longer than dad, so she’d see a total of 3—we each got to choose one. Dad chose Les Misérables. In preparation and, I … [Read more…]


I know I’m the militaristic of the two of us here at MoF, but I find myself ambivalent at the recent news that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed by US forces (a week ago, whereupon they “took custody” of his body to make sure it was him). I have been told … [Read more…]


Tonight, the day before the First of May, is Walpurgisnacht, a quasi-pagan Germanic holiday celebrating a English missionary/saint/abbess’ canonization. Of course, no one can tell you what she had to do with bonfires, so it seems that the name is just an excuse to keep doing what the pre-Christians wanted to do. I’ve never—to my … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Peppery Man

I’m rediscovering my love affair with Natalie Merchant. And either she sings a lot about the Devil or I interpret a lot of her songs about being about Him (okay…two that’s still a greater-than-normal number the kind of music she sings). These two songs are so soulful—almost longing—that it almost doesn’t match the subject. Or … [Read more…]

Belief Shapes the World

In one (perhaps many) of Terry Prachett’s books, he opines that the strength of a god is dependent upon the number and strength of the belief in that god. But of course, gods don’t dies, so there are a number of ghost-gods whisping their way around reality, seeking believers. While practice has shown this is … [Read more…]


Holiday spirit is in the air and I’ll be spending the day with friends, family, and more friends—the best way to do a holiday, in my opinion. But as the earth springs back to life (yes, it’s visible, even Where There Are No Seasons), I find myself gazing out of windows and breathing more deeply … [Read more…]

Feminism in Religion

The Washington Post has an online discussion forum called On Faith. Periodically (once a week?), they submit a question/topic to a panel of writers from various religions. This week’s is What is religion’s role in gender discrimination? I highly recommend the answers.

Music Monday: Wild

I love Poe because she’s dark and soft, like black silk; she’s always softer than I expect and darker than that softness prepares me for. I always expect her to be a hard metal kind of sound—like an Evanescence—but find a ballad or soft rock instead. And once hearing that, I expect her lyrics to … [Read more…]