i was going to begin this post by revealing my religious affiliation, which may already be known to the regular readers of this site (that would be you, aaron and josh). but then i began to get scared about the potential aftermath of labeling myself. i try to avoid it, but i group people into … [Read more…]


woohoo! i’m with a new hosting service, and may even be sharing a server with my friends youngpup, the royal jester, or nam. whoa! the love of my life is lying in bed with sexy lingerie on. response posting and scrollbars will have to wait until tomorrow…::


here’s a quote from ezra taft benson: work without vision is drudgery; vision without work is but a dream. work plus vision is destiny. i have a vision (even at 3am) of a world changed for the better. i picture a world where people are valued for their differences and their unique experience, including the … [Read more…]


more coolness added to the site–i built youngpup’s simplescroll component into the page so you can now click on a date link and scroll to the corresponding blog entry, and made the title graphics a little less faded. progress is slow, but there still is progress! the destination is still far off, but i sure … [Read more…]


i have always wanted to play the bagpipes. actually, what i really want is a legitimate reason to wear a skirt. a plaid skirt. anyhow, you actually do not learn by playing on the bagipes. you practice on a chanter, which i am told was invented in 1738 after 22 aspiring pipers and their tutor … [Read more…]


gandhi once said that you must be the change you want to see in the world. when i think of people who are successful, like olympic athletes, the mother theresas/dalai lamas of the world, great mothers and fathers, business leaders, activists, etc., i think that they are successful in relation to the power of their … [Read more…]


had to sacrifice an evening with the fam to do it (thanks, love!), but i got a lot of (static) design elements added to the site, including the logos, the three boxes hovering over the brain, and the dates of the entries. i would like to make most of these dynamic in various ways. patience, … [Read more…]


i can’t continue to build this site without a shout out to my friend and mentor, aaron boodman, programmer extraodinaire. not only will the coolness factor of the completed mindonfire site depend heavily on the (freely downloadable) dhtml components he developed, but he has also taught me: that there are at least 40 different covers … [Read more…]


man, starting a weblog is tougher than i thought. i think that part of the problem is that i actually care what you think. and i’m looking for feedback, relationship, community. this is like the beginning of an extended blind date with a million potential partners. but i’m doing it anyway, risking rejection or even … [Read more…]