i had a nightmare last night–my son got lost on a camping trip. i ran around, shouting and screaming his name at the top of my lungs. we finally found him in the creek. as we lifted him out, he had a worn-out, sad grin on his face, but he was all right. i woke … [Read more…]


when i was in salt lake city a few years back, five little girls trapped themselves in the trunk of a car on a hot summer day and perished. what really troubles me is the timeline of events surrounding this horrible tragedy. the mother watching the children realized within a short period of time that … [Read more…]


i’ve gone for over 48 hours without posting. i spent at least seven of those hours prepping for a well-received sunday school lesson (gospel doctrine) on the history of the mormons in kirtland, ohio and the opening of the lds mission to england in 1837 by heber c kimball. the underlying message i tried to … [Read more…]


preface: this is a topic i’ve been thinking a lot about. i’m interested in your opinions on the definition of success and how to reach it. please add your views to this post. challenge my post if you dare! 🙂 what is success? i know how we usually define it–wealth/power/sex/fame. if i say that joe … [Read more…]


man, there is so much i want to write, so much i want to post. the menus are finally up, but not much content yet. in the religion section (mouseover the “more” link to the left) i’ve added a “humanist manifesto” i wrote when i was thirteen, and for josh, i posted the story of … [Read more…]


i love finding words that set me on fire and fill me with light. my scripture is found everywhere: in a whitman poem, in the bhagavad gita, in a friend’s encouraging words, in beastie boys lyrics, and yes, even in the christian bible. yesterday ken posted the following, which is definitely worth sharing with everyone: … [Read more…]


one of the flowers that is dear to the japanese is the sakura, the cherry blossom. the sakura tree is completely barren throughout the winter, then bursts forth in a brilliant display for a week or two in the spring. then the delicate petals are gone and replaced by unremarkable foliage until the fall. throughout … [Read more…]


last night a guy from church called me up with a programming question. he asked me if i could come over and help him out, and i refused–i was exhausted from our out of town excursion. as soon as i hung up the phone, i started this argument with my conscience: conscience: you really should … [Read more…]


update: thanks aaron, for helping me out with the scrollbar and the response piece debug. and thanks josh (the amish robot), for being the first (and so far, the only). we’re out of town this weekend. my wife and i took a dip in the pool late last night under the canopy of the desert … [Read more…]


i hate to keep cluttering up my journal with site updates, i hope to reach a point where i spend less time developing the site and the majority of the time focusing on content. you can now comment on posts, real-time! still not bulletproof or beautiful, but it works! try it out::


okay, okay, the scrollbar looks like a** but it works. i hope. functionality and content increase, but design suffers (sigh.) added some pictures, and worked on the automated-unedited-respond-to-blog-entries-component. hopefully that piece will be up tomorrow, ’cause i would really like to hear from you::