god! will it never end? i was working on the post below and saw on yahoo this headline: suicide bomber kills at least 13 at jerusalem restaurant. a bunch of ordinary people enjoying a lunchtime meal at a sbarro’s–5 or 6 of the dead are children. some israelis wearing t-shirts that read, ‘no arabs – … [Read more…]


i spent some time visiting some other blogs this morning. when i returned to mindonfire my first thought was, “whoa! my posts are so long! who’s going to take the time to read all these egotistical mind dumps? i thought a bit about making my posts shorter, more focused on personal events and sites that … [Read more…]


i invited a couple of missionaries from mongolia over for dinner monday night. they are waiting for their visas to japan, and speak no english, a little japanese, and, of course, a lot of mongolian. i was a little worried, because i heard that mongolians have a hard time adjusting to non-mongolian food. i did … [Read more…]


i wrote this piece a few months ago, after my first visit to the museum of tolerance in los angeles: i finally had the chance to go to the simon wiesenthal museum of tolerance today. i was surprised that it didnít have the impact on me that visiting the atomic bomb museum in nagasaki, watching … [Read more…]


my winamp player is playing the louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald song, “they can’t take that from me”. satchmo’s voice is magical–he’s like a 20th century orpheus, wielding his vocal chords like a second trumpet. i drop everything to listen. i am transported away the worries and cares of this world, for a moment. contrast … [Read more…]


woohoo! i got the job! i got the job! i have escaped the greedy clutches of corporate america! i’m back in the university environment, this time providing database support to a variety of programs, including the one that sends students to study in ghana, the one that helps all the kids struggling in their o-chem … [Read more…]


i introduced jana to the wonders of instant messaging a little over a week ago. i thought that it would keep the phone bills down while she is in utah, but it’s just made us more accessible to each other–we just spend more time chatting with each other, on the phone or online (the perils … [Read more…]


i started writing this yesterday at lunch, but wasn’t happy with it. i tinkered with it some more this morning, and this is what i came up with: it’s lunchtime, and i’m at home. jana and the kids are still in utah, so the old homestead feels empty. i feel empty, too. paradoxically, i feel … [Read more…]


whoa! i read through the responses to yesterday’s post and find that i have totally misrepresented my friend josh. i’ve posted his response in full, because it deserves to be pulled out of the confines of its little javascript pop-up window and dragged out for the entire readership (of seven–hi mom!) to see and ponder. … [Read more…]


more violence in the middle east. i’m not taking sides on this issue. there are serious grievances on both sides. but each act of violence, each death, only tears at the wounds and makes them deeper. they may, in time, heal on the surface, but the aches take generations to remove. in one of the … [Read more…]


aaron’s mom has joined the readership and is sharing her wisdom with us! i have arrived! this has got to fit into the definition of success somewhere. 🙂 i know that aaron respects his mom a lot, and i respect aaron a lot, so i’m excited that a busy person like her can take the … [Read more…]


had lunch today with ken, kimberly, tracey, bdove and mr. hoang. it is always good to get together with my friends from rare. we talked just a bit about this site, and it’s good to know that at least seven more people than my mom visit this site on occasion. thanks, kimberly, for reporting on … [Read more…]