every time i watch the trailer for this movie, i get tears in my eyes. i only go to the theater two-three times a year, and one of those slots will be reserved for this movie. watch it if you to want get a glimpse into what every mormon missionary goes through during their two … [Read more…]


last night we made our own gyoza (chinese potstickers) from scratch. usually we buy the packaged ones in the freezer section of our local chinese market (once i took the kids there and we saw a bearded man screaming and desparately trying to shake a live crab off his finger like some mean spiney red … [Read more…]


some classes that i’m thinking of sneaking into when fall quarter starts: – brain and behavior– existentialism– history of asian art– classical japanese– the gods– world religions– problems of philosophy– intro to ethics– calculus– classical physics during the summer session there is a class called ‘history of the devil’ and another one about the ‘origins … [Read more…]


the tooth fairy has had a hard time at the remy household. my son lost five of his baby teeth over the past year or two. i think the first time he was suspicious. “i put a tooth under my pillow and i get money? are you sure?” after the first magical transformation, he got … [Read more…]


i started my new job at uc irvine yesterday. one bright ray of sun cuts through the needles and branches of a pine tree, through my open window, and across my desk. every so often a cool breeze washes over me. if i look away from my monitor, i can see the cross-cultural center, the … [Read more…]


the monitor sits solidly in front of me, thin blue and grey bars across the top, another grey bar across the bottom. a field of perfect whiteness fills the expanse in between, marred only by lines of black courier text which grow across the page in rapid spurts between long pauses. the electron gun hidden … [Read more…]


i am a contradiction, a hypocrisy, a paradox. maybe i deserve to be thrown into an institution and drugged up for schizophrenia. i am a spiritual, intuitive, emotional being that is capable of reasoning. or perhaps i am an intelligent, rational, thinking being who is also capable of faith. or both. i’m still trying to … [Read more…]


i am on a quest for content. i am climbing the everest of internet pages and peering into the cracks and crevices, seeking for those rare golden nuggets of well-written personal narratives, essays, and journal entries. if you know of any sites that publish quality content on a regular basis, please let me know, or … [Read more…]


i was too brain-dead last night to mention this, but my site is now totally database-powered! the creation of every post before last night’s involved cutting and pasting, manually typing in date/time combinations in several different locations, editing of archive files, not to mention the painstaking task of authoring thought-provoking content. now my little asp … [Read more…]


it is 2am and my brain is numb and my thoughts are murky. the best time to make foolish vows are when the mind is suffering from lack of sleep or under the influence of alcohol. i make mine now: i vow to lose 12 pounds by the end of the holiday season. i vow … [Read more…]


i ride my bike to work along a river path. for those of you from out of state, country, or from northern california, rivers here in urban socal are usually large concrete ditches with a mossy trickle occasionally parting around a shopping cart and debris island. in my river, however, dirt has covered up a … [Read more…]