in my dream last night, i ran to pick up the phone. the voice on the other end breathed the name, “mohammed,” and then there was a long silence. i stumbled around the house locking, securing, searching, lost… i cried yesterday for the first time since the whole thing began. i came close as i … [Read more…]


this is an excerpt from an email that rose forwarded to me. i thought it was worth posting: i am a muslim and i live in the us. i was born and raised in canada with indian background. i feel i need to help clear up what is true and what is not true with … [Read more…]


i’m probably going to lose half of you with this post, but i’ve been thinking a lot about this subject. i love the solidarity being displayed in america. but i feel like we’re not going far enough. if our highest feelings are for america, we will never end the mad cycle that fosters the environment … [Read more…]


i am joining my sister-in-law in fasting for the victims and their families and loved ones today. i pray that every pang of hunger will be a distant reminder of the pain and terror that many suffered before their untimely deaths, and which many are still experiencing as they battle for their lives. may the … [Read more…]


terrorism‘s number one goal is to instill fear. targets are chosen for their symbolic value–the perpetrators of yesterday’s violence chose well. the international financial/trade center and the heart of the world’s most powerful military establishment were not immune to the desperate acts of a small group of fanatics. if the world trade center and the … [Read more…]


i posted the next paragraph on bluishorange in response to someone’s comment about the manhattan skyline being forever changed: the skyline is unimportant. i think about the people who spent their last moments trying to get out of the buildings, perhaps squeezing into packed, smokey stairwells. or the people whose last few terror-filled minutes of … [Read more…]


just heard about the attack on the world trade center. i feel equal parts numb and sick to my stomach. fear and anger will spread across the u.s. and the world, and many in this world are already, both openly and in secret, rejoicing. the cycle of violence will escalate, and the terrorists will have … [Read more…]


if you haven’t been following the discussion on non-violence, i recommend you check it out. i’d be interested in hearing celine’s opinion as well, since she’s working towards a phd in international relations and working closely with the head of the global peace and cooperation program here at uci. no pressure though. 🙂 i’ve got … [Read more…]


here’s one of my favorite poems by emily dickinson: we never know how high we aretill we are called to rise;and then, if we are true to plan,our statures touch the skies. the heroism we recitewould be a daily thing,did not ourselves the cubits warpfor fear to be king. we are each capable of so … [Read more…]


the more i think of non-violence as a course of action, the more it makes sense to me. jana has always been the peacenik in our home. it’s funny, in retrospect, that i should be writing this, after years of strongly advocating appropriate use of force. i’m not sure if active, non-violent civil resistence can … [Read more…]


A few days ago, bill okayed the purchase of a pda, so i got me a sleek, shiny new visor edge. already i’m quite addicted to it, in spite of all it’s quirks. i’m thinking of making this my wake-up alarm; i read my mission statement, goals, and daily to do lists first thing in … [Read more…]


sometimes i look out at the night sky and am amazed by the number of stars i can see, even here in light-polluted southern california. for each star in my field of vision (in my neighborhood probably less than 500 even on a good dark night), i know that there at least 400 million other … [Read more…]