Semele’s Daughter

“Semele’s Daughter” is published in Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s. My story will be available to read here for a limited time–until Hugo nominations close–by generous permission of the publisher. The Kindle Version is less than $3 on Amazon–a great deal for 12 stories by solid writers and cover & interior … [Read more…]

I made a sale!

Pseudopod, the premier horror fiction podcast (and a long-time favorite of mine), is going to run my Rigor Amortis story, Forbidden Feast at Armageddon Cafe! This news, and the lovely support I received via twitter and facebook was a nice counterbalance to the gentle melancholy I otherwise felt today. I miss CatGirl and GameBoy, and … [Read more…]

Zombie Love!

My first spec fic story is published in Rigor Amortis, the anthology of zombie romance, and it is now available on Amazon! Wish I could go on more about it right now, but it’s choc-full of Galendara’s art, and includes stories by friends Wendy Wagner and Andy Romine. Go! Buy it now! 😀

Failing Gloriously.

“To be great, we must attempt so much that we not only are in danger of forever failing, but that we do fail ..and in the failure create something greater than if we had set our sights lower.” Jeff Vandermeer, Booklife I live in a state of constant failure. I take on more that I … [Read more…]

On Jump-Starting a Stalled Writer’s Life.

A couple of months ago, I decided I was going to start taking my writing life seriously. I was up against some major obstacles, so I hatched a Plan. So far, the Plan has been a success. I’ll share it with you, if you’d like. 1: Attend World Fantasy Con Note: There is no “Fan” … [Read more…]

Book Review: the Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions

This was cross-posted from my account at GoodReads, where I gave it two stars (of five). I would like to note that I did not read the whole book—I got through the fifth chapter before it was due at the library (and I couldn’t renew it because someone else had a hold on it). I … [Read more…]

Bit Lit Crit

That would be “Bitchy Literary Criticism”. John & I were having a conversation about good books and the concept of “strong female characters”, as a reason I might want to explore the Sabriel series. My response was that I had been recommended Miyazaki’s manga/movies for the same reason, that the author writes “strong female characters”, … [Read more…]