Fucking Friday: Bitch.

“I’m a YUPpie,” goes the old joke, “You know, a Young, Upwardly-Mobile Professional.” “We’re DINKS,” comes a reply, “You know, Double Income, No Kids.” [in one version, the third response is “WIFE“, but my favorite is] “Me, I’m a BITCH.” Jaws drop. People stare, drinks raised halfway to their lips. She smiles naughtily and purrs, … [Read more…]

Spark: Atheist Moments on Colbert

Here. Including what atheists yell during sex, canoeing on a lake of fire for all eternity, the dangers of topiary, why we should have more atheists in the military, atheist storm troopers, the separation of church and town, the Gospel of Cadbury, and the Dead Faith Scrolls. (the second Dawkins vid is a duplicate) If … [Read more…]

Mobile Social Foundation

One of my sisters (#4) has been known to wax poetic about the fact that, in this current day and age, people are obsessed with themselves. Hence, “i-” products (iPod, iLife, iBrator, iWannaCookie, &c.). When I heard about Apple’s migration of .Mac to MobileMe, I couldn’t conceive of telling her (myname@me.com just sounds so pretentious). … [Read more…]

Spark: Google Stats

A legal team attempting to defend their client against (among other things) “obscenity” charges is trying to get Google to release certain stats about search terms in the area the trial is taking place. This is because part of the “obscenity” definition relies upon what “the average person, applying contemporary community standards” would find obscene. … [Read more…]

Spark: Reflections on your beliefs

I checked out this survey on a prompt from Pharyngula. I recommend that you do the same. We may indeed be giving the creator of the survey food for thought, but what I found was that it was a good, concrete way to think about my own beliefs, hang-ups, and tendencies. I think it’s a … [Read more…]

MySpace Transforms Ministries

The relationship between technology and religion fascinates me.  Here, a college ministry director for a Presbyterian Church in L.A. writes about the opportunities and challenges of youth ministry in a Facebook age: Who hasn’t gone online and seen one of their student’s provocative profiles? This is a devastating blow to any youth worker, and a … [Read more…]