Sunday Morning Video Lineup

A vid take on MoF’s Sparks: First up, Stuart Shepard, who I’d not heard of before today but is apparently a member of Focus on the Family’s activism arm, is encouraging everyone to encourage his God to rain on Obama’s acceptance speech. Which seems to me to be incredibly petty: pray for peace? pray for … [Read more…]

Power! What a wonderful word

I just ran across this, from Not the Nine O’Clock News. Rowan Atkinson explains the conservative political position, which has not changed much since the late 70s/early 80s. (Complete with a Bible misquote!) NSFW. [wp_youtube]PFlNyqeeifA[/wp_youtube]

Music Monday: the Grave

I was listening to this the other day while packing and it made me cry (as it always does). If anything could make me a pacifist, it would be this song: Don McLean’s the Grave [wp_youtube]Z4G2iKDzHrs[/wp_youtube] This line, particularly: When the wars of our nation did beckon, A man barely twenty did answer the calling. … [Read more…]

Still ain’t easy being queer at Gordon College

(Hey ya’ll – another guest post from Zach. PS, hope you don’t mind my saying “ya’ll.”) A year ago, a group called Soulforce organized two buses of queer and allied folks, mostly students, to ride around the country visiting colleges with discriminatory policies – i.e. religious and military ones. The East Coast bus visited Gordon … [Read more…]

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion – at church

(Hello, this is Zach Alexander — you may have read my Leaving the Garden post, and this is the first of a few guest articles I’m posting while John is otherwise engaged.) “The stuff that really brings people together, and makes us happy to live together, originates from a caring and thoughtful mind that’s been … [Read more…]

“My Name is Lisa”

The winning video in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards Short Film Category: [wp_youtube]ZiRHyzjb5SI[/wp_youtube] I’m very interested in hearing your reactions.