My Vegan Month: Day 30

I had planned to carefully document my vegan experiment this month, but I got recruited into a last minute (and very very fun but intense) project that’s gobbled up most of my discretionary time. I’m writing this quick post because several of you have followed up on me during the past two weeks, and I … [Read more…]

My Vegan Month: Day 14.

So, yesterday I had my first knowledgable, willful transgression of the boundaries I set for myself at the beginning of this month. I came home after a long day at work–a day without any exercise, which is my equivalent of a chill-pill–and spent two hours making two dinners: the rawsta primavera that was a hit … [Read more…]

My Vegan Month: Day 07.

I’m a week into my experiment with a vegan diet, and I think I’m falling into a rhythm. I’ve decided that if I’m in control of the food, it’s not that tough to do this. And currently I do most of the meal planning, purchasing and preparation in our home. It also helps that we’re … [Read more…]

My Month as a Vegan: Day 02.

Jana and I celebrated our anniversary, and it was the second day of my vegan trial. Jana was very accommodating, but I realized that my dietary choices did impact our ability to enjoy a meal together as we had in the past. We’ve always enjoyed eating out together, but my vegan parameter severely constrained our … [Read more…]