Music Monday: It Must Be the Sign on My Head

(no, not that one) “That says, ‘oh, Love Me Dead!’” or, A Feminist Critique of Ludo’s “Love Me Dead” Today’s music brought to you courtesy of DH *ahem* who picked it up from a House commercial. Which is funny, since I watch TV & he doesn’t and the song totally escaped my notice. I’ve had … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Still Alive

I’ve held off for as long as I could bear to, but it is now time to release this upon the MoF community. From the guy who brought us the classic office zombie song, Re: Your Brains and the classy May Day song, First of May, comes the geek classic Still Alive, the end-credits song … [Read more…]

Green Thoughts for Today

This is almost a Spark post, however I’ve got two from over at Groovy Green. Why Higher Gas Prices Should Make You Smile, at least if you believe that the only way we’re going to get out of this crisis is by switching to “alternative” (to fossil fuels) forms of energy. I have often said … [Read more…]

Ear and Eye Candy

For you French Jonathan Coulton fans out there: A translation en français of that cubicle zombie classic, Re: Your Brains. (Also good for Francophone zombies.) I’m passing you on to the referring site instead of providing a direct link to the song–for therein is the eye candy, if you’re xJane (or someone with similar tastes). … [Read more…]