Tea Snob

It’s been a while since we had any tea-related postings although tea has been on my mind of late. My good friend, Onigiri, has taken to calling me a tea snob, which I readily admit to, but how did I get that way? My step-mother-in-law got me into tea big time, while at the same … [Read more…]

Friday Afternoon Tea: EG

One of the teas to which I always return (though other tastes and fads may come and go), is Earl Grey, with whom I am so familiar that I often refer to him as “EG”. Legend has it that one of the Earls Grey, while stationed near a tea-growing-&-drinking area, saved someone’s life & was rewarded with the recipe which is: a blend of harsh black tea (like an Assam) with milder black tea (e.g. a Ceylon…couldn’t resist) and a hint of bergamot (berg-a-moe) essence.

Friday Afternoon Tea: The Green Leaf v. Mormonism.

green tea

Mormon dietary laws, as interpreted today, prohibit members from
drinking tea (though non-caffeinated herbal teas are excluded from this
restriction). Green tea is also forbidden, even though it has less than
half the caffeine of a can of Coke (which gets a thumbs up from Church

Friday Afternoon Tea

In discussing the changes that we were implementing to the site (and when I say “we” I mean “John”), Friday catblogging came up (we both live with two cats, meaning that we’re sadly behind on our quota of catblogging. Personally, I merely tolerate the kitties and, while I think they can be alarmingly cute, I’ve seen enough of other people’s children that I know better than to inflict my cats on you. If I had a dog (when I get a dog) you may be in trouble.

So we decided we should do Friday Teablogging, but decided that sounded a little too vulgar. So Afternoon Tea it is!