Spark: Ashay!

I don’t know how much longer this (iTunes link) will be up, so dl it today and give it a listen. The Moth is “true stories told live” without notes. There is a podcast which I love listening to. It’s like This American Life without the host. I just heard this amazing story (iTunes link) … [Read more…]

Spark: Generation M(isogyny)

An interesting video that underscores what should be news to no reader of MoF: that women are sexualized in modern media. What really stuck out to me was the beginning: “Why would […] a man make a film about misogyny in media and culture?” Because of course, men don’t care about that subject—only women do/could/should.

Spark: a few sparks of feminism

I may be late to the party on some of these, but I thought they were worth sharing around: Someone cut together Buffy and shots of Edward Cullen from Twilight to show us how the movie should have gone. Watch it at full screen for the full effect and stay tuned through the end to … [Read more…]

Sparks: Facebook/Social Networking

One of the many reasons I don’t post with my IRL name here (I won’t say “real”, since xJane is just as real in many ways) is because I am attempting to manage my image. In our internet age, I still find it to be very important to not ruffle feathers in a public way … [Read more…]

Spark: Vermont Approves Civil Marriage

The Vermont Senate, finding (correctly) that Civil Unions for gay couples fall short of providing equal rights, voted overwhelmingly to approve Civil Marriage for gay couples. The matter still has to go before the Vermont House (and since I’m late to this, may already have gone), where it is expected to pass. The margin by … [Read more…]

Spark: Conservatives are More Likely to Consume Porn

Late to the party on this one, I know, sorry. It turns out that conservative (read: religious) states have the highest porn rates in the country. Probably because they’re not allowed to have deviant (read: fun) sex at home. Meanwhile, people living in enlightened areas of the country have other outlets for their sexual urges, … [Read more…]