Women in Politics

In commemoration of Hillary’s loss of first place on the ticket (I find it unlikely that she’ll be on it at all at this point, but it might happen), I’d like to celebrate women in politics. And there are women in politics. At least, in other countries. Currently, in the United States there are 16 … [Read more…]

Yet another discussion of femininity in this race

heh, didn’t originally mean race like that, but it works that way, too. A recent book is out, called the New Feminized Majority: How Democrats Can Change America With Women’s Values. I’d like them to have a few quotation marks in that title (“…Change American With “Women’s Values”…”), but it certainly looks interesting. Feminist Law … [Read more…]

keeping up my end of the bargain

I don’t really feel that I’ve been pulling my feminist weight around here recently (and that big long post about American Gladiators really rose from my husband’s comment; I expanded it because I wasn’t certain all our dear readers knew what AG was). And that really also means I’ve not been pulling my blogging weight … [Read more…]

Duality: Chaos & Order

When I was in high school, if I wanted to do anything on a Sunday (missing church), I’d have to go to Saturday evening mass. Since the English Community only had one service a week, and since it was 50k away, I’d walk down to the local Catholic Church and sit in the way back (eventually it did occur to me that I didn’t have to go there, just be gone for the right general amount of time, but I still usually hung out around there). I found it much easier to tune out mass in German, so I often spent the hour or so thinking Deep Thoughts. One of the major Deep Thoughts was of chaos & order.


so…as much as I lust after the iPhone (and really, anything that comes out of Steve-o’s office), I can’t help but notice that in the new commercials, all the hands are white.