Hugo and Nebula Award Nominees for Best Novel

I’m huddled in bed with my warmest jacket and extra blankets, and I still can’t shake the chills. Although I feel cold inside, in minutes my pillows too hot. I flip it over and rest my cheek on the comforting coolness. Occasionally, I sandblast my throat with another bout of hacking. I can hear Jana … [Read more…]

Eli Stone: Atheist Prophet

I just saw the first episode of Eli Stone, a new show on ABC (if you follow that link, let me know if they fixed it; the last time I was there, it proclaimed itself to be the site for “LI STONE”, Eli’s lesser known younger brother-cum-fibber). Can I just say? Awesome! [insert my nephew … [Read more…]

Batman is a Lapsed Catholic

Can you name Superman’s religious affiliation?  How about Hellboy’s?  Is anyone surprised to learn that Lex Luthor is portrayed, at least in one of his many incarnations, as a “Nietzschean atheist?” has an alternately comprehensive/tenuous listing of super heroes, sidekicks and villains and their religions.  If, like me, you’re into comics and religion (get … [Read more…]