Science Fiction & Religion

By now, many of you will have heard that one of the Vatican’s astronomers has indicated that there might be life on other planets. Even that they might be without sin. Many of my favorite science fiction books involve the intersection of religion and space travel (Dune and Ender’s Game chief among them). But really, … [Read more…]

On Clarion West and the Zombie Life of an Alternate

Liminal states are not happy states. Take zombies. Zombies are transitional, miserable beings–not quite dead, not quite alive. They shuffle about–no standing still or purposeful striding. Instead of killing you with ninja stealth or a mighty barbarian beserker yell, they mumble and moan. “Nnnnnnn ggahhh brrrrrrrrrr aeeeeeeeeee nnnnnnnssss,” they say, and you’re tempted to stop … [Read more…]

Random Personal Notes

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so busy.  I applied to a prestigious writer’s workshop last night.  I should hear back in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll reveal more details then, for better or for worse. Reading takes time, and since my free reading time is at a premium,  books are investments.  I’d … [Read more…]

Feminist SF and Religion (Part One)

Every student should be able to design their own classes.  Think about how many freakin’ Einsteins we’d have if teenage boys could create classes like “The Chemistry of Blowing Stuff Up” and “The Physics of Breast Movement in 3D Gaming Worlds.” I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be some *negative repercussions.  (We desperately need more … [Read more…]

Book Review: Thirteen, by Richard K. Morgan

Carl Marsalis is a Variant Thirteen–the result of a near future project to genetically engineered abnormally strong and quick and hyper-aggressive soldiers. His kind are feared as humanoid monsters, and most are kept in camps or exiled to colonies on Mars. Marsalis has been hired to help track down a virtually untrackable renegade thirteen who … [Read more…]

Stranger than Fiction

I can barely keep my eyelids propped open, but I wanted to share some thoughts before I lie down for some sweet, sweet rest. We live in a stranger universe than anything we could imagine on our own. Recent science news give tiny little snapshots of this crazy reality: Scientists have discovered a black hole … [Read more…]

keeping up my end of the bargain

I don’t really feel that I’ve been pulling my feminist weight around here recently (and that big long post about American Gladiators really rose from my husband’s comment; I expanded it because I wasn’t certain all our dear readers knew what AG was). And that really also means I’ve not been pulling my blogging weight … [Read more…]