Music Monday: Blogs Require Thick Skins

One of the things I love about MoF is that we’re a pretty small community and don’t attract a lot of trolls. This is not to say we never attract trolls, but when we do, it’s a surprise. There are many sites whose comments I simply don’t read because I don’t want to deal with … [Read more…]

We’ve Started Something

First, there was John’s dabbling in mapping lolCats onto traditional religious images. Then, the folks over at Cracked gave us some awesome lolReligion interspersed in their 10 Things Christians and Atheists Can Agree On (scroll down for the lolDog in need of a Catholic exorcism). But it didn’t stop there, oh no! Someone linked John … [Read more…]

A Story for Valentine’s Day

19 years ago, Jana and I met. We danced. I asked her out. I washed her hair. We fell in love. 18 years ago, we kissed. Then we kissed a lot more. I left for my mission in Japan. We didn’t promise to wait for each other. 17 years ago, we wrote to each other … [Read more…]

Ten Common Misconceptions about Atheists

10. We eat babies. No, but we think about it sometimes. Mmmmm, baby… 9. Without God, we’re a miserable, weepy lot. Look at all the happy atheists: They’re thinking about the deliciousness of babies. Yum! (Richard Dawkins, Ellen Johnson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali) 8. Without God, we lead gluttonous, hedonistic lives, throwing orgies all the time. … [Read more…]

School Board Removes Christian Classic from Library Shelves

The school board in Oregon’s Onionville School District has ordered librarians to pull The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from its library shelves following a petition by parents concerned about the religious content of the children’s classic. Teachers have been told not to use the book in their curriculum pending a complete review of … [Read more…]