My Current Ritual (or addiction)

I am a smoker. I like to say that I’m a “social smoker”, because that makes it sound more acceptable (at least, to my ears), but that’s probably a fiction us social smokers invented. I started smoking in high school, because everyone else was doing it and because the cigarettes that I smoked (not tabacco, … [Read more…]

Sparks! (I’m Back)

For a few weeks when I first stopped being able to find time to blog, I kept windows open in Safari to the point that it was neigh on impossible to shut down my computer, for fear of losing all the wonderful and amazing links I was going to share! But then I got into … [Read more…]

Meditation v. Prayer

I had my first final today. In preparation, I spent some time on the library’s balcony, enjoying the view, the silence, and the not-school-ness. I also spent some time in the library’s prayer room. (I also spent some time watching the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, but this post is not about that.) Hanging out in … [Read more…]

the Masquerade

Driving past the high school today, I saw a number of costumed people. Even at the law school, there are plenty of people dressed up. Halloween is the day that this society acknowledges that mask. We all wear different masks throughout the day, throughout the year (the corporate yes-person, the dutiful child, the loving spouse). … [Read more…]

Biblical Fail

I have to post this, since it’s lolreligion. By now, I’m sure everyone has heard that a particular Christian called others to join in prayer at the bronze bull on wall street to ask god to “shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control … [Read more…]

Spark: Update from the Gay Marriage Files

California, post Supreme Court decision (that discrimination based on gender is discrimination), now uses marriage licenses that ask for the names of “Party A” and “Party B” to the marriage. As someone who still doesn’t feel like the word “wife” applies to her, I think this is pretty awesome. It is, however, causing waves. I … [Read more…]

Obama’s (Secret) Prayer

During Obama’s recent visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, according to tradition, he wrote a prayer on a piece of paper and left it there. However, since he is under media scrutiny right now, it was stolen by a young seminary student (who should have known better!). While I disagree completely with its theft, … [Read more…]