I have only recently discovered the concept of “privilege” and freely admit that I am a privileged white [heterosexual] woman. I’ve probably got a lot of other privilege, too. I grew up in the United States to parents who cared about my education—they even paid for my college education—and now I am in law school. … [Read more…]

I Forgot This White Dude Was Racist

No, wait, I didn’t. Also? I didn’t forget that, because of his male privilege, he’s also probably sexist. Anyone who thinks we’re “post-racial” is (a) not living in the real world and (b) white.

The Murder of Oscar Grant.

Another execution of an unarmed black man by white cops. This one might have been covered up if not for citizen journalists, cell phone video recording technology, and YouTube. Read the news story, watch the (graphic) video, and if you’re appalled by this, pass the word on so that national media attention is focused on … [Read more…]

Power! What a wonderful word

I just ran across this, from Not the Nine O’Clock News. Rowan Atkinson explains the conservative political position, which has not changed much since the late 70s/early 80s. (Complete with a Bible misquote!) NSFW. [wp_youtube]PFlNyqeeifA[/wp_youtube]

Race v. Gender

The (now) classic comedy shot of a black woman being interviewed: “Are you going to vote for Obama because you’re black or for Clinton because you’re a woman?” There are politics (which is to say, issues) at hand, and many many people will vote their conscience, many people will look at the issues and vote … [Read more…]

My Pilgrimage to Nonviolence, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

[wp_youtube]k04KzgYRKrE[/wp_youtube] In place of the regularly scheduled Leaving the Garden series, I bring you Dr. King’s difficult journey that ultimately led to his acceptance of nonviolence and the rejection of American Christian political orthodoxy.  His Pilgrimage to Nonviolence is a fascinating and intimate revelation of his initial convictions, his questioning process, his doubts, and the … [Read more…]