On humanist contemplatives

I was happy to receive a link from Rick Heller about the Humanist Contemplatives of Houston, who focus on self improvement, introspection, and achieving eudaimonia. They gather to meditate or contemplate in a serene setting, offer mutual moral support in meeting personal challenges, experience the profound in the arts, and share new ideas and traditional … [Read more…]

Atheism and Quaker Children

I taught the older kids’ Firstday School (aka Sunday School) at my Quaker meeting. The class consisted of me, my son (code named GameBoy), and my daughter (CatGirl). I took advantage of the situation and ditched my prepared lesson and began an informal discussion about our encounter thus far with Quakerism. We took turns going … [Read more…]

April Advice and Queries.

On the first Sunday of every month, someone reads a set of questions before we settle into silence at our meeting for worship. We can draw on these queries to guide us in our personal and group meditation. I wanted to post some of April’s queries here, partly for my sake, but also for catBonny … [Read more…]