Spark: Women in the Box Office

“Could It Be? Did Hollywood Execs Get The Memo?” speculates on the reason for the number of movies-about-women (which seems to correspond with movies-by-women). I would take issue with her assertion that Mama Mia! or Kit are any great leaps forward for womankind, but I’ve not seen either, so I won’t get into that here.

Spark: Google Stats

A legal team attempting to defend their client against (among other things) “obscenity” charges is trying to get Google to release certain stats about search terms in the area the trial is taking place. This is because part of the “obscenity” definition relies upon what “the average person, applying contemporary community standards” would find obscene. … [Read more…]

“We are so blogging this!”

(overheard between a drunken John & a drunken xJane at last night’s Abney Park concert) Background: Yesterday, xJane was sitting around, slightly ill, and generally feeling sorry for herself. Whilst innocently watching Emmy consideration DVDs, she received a call from John, who asked if she was busy (she was not) and if she was interested … [Read more…]

Science Fiction & Religion

By now, many of you will have heard that one of the Vatican’s astronomers has indicated that there might be life on other planets. Even that they might be without sin. Many of my favorite science fiction books involve the intersection of religion and space travel (Dune and Ender’s Game chief among them). But really, … [Read more…]

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion – at church

(Hello, this is Zach Alexander — you may have read my Leaving the Garden post, and this is the first of a few guest articles I’m posting while John is otherwise engaged.) “The stuff that really brings people together, and makes us happy to live together, originates from a caring and thoughtful mind that’s been … [Read more…]