Ode to Toby Joy

Right now, this is all that I have left of Toby: When I say all I have left, I mean this digital photo of her collar, the empty, tiny cat-shaped hole she left behind, ephemeral memories. I don’t think she ever crossed 5 lbs. She’s always been a dainty creature: When she sat, she kept … [Read more…]

Virtual Party.

Here at Mind on Fire labs, we’re relentless in our pursuit of knowledge. I and brave volunteers will often offer our very selves up for social experimentation. In the name of science, here are the results of our virtual party experiment: I wasn’t sure what to expect–a big bash or an intimate gathering. It turned … [Read more…]

Fucking Friday: Photo.

This is definitely not directed towards you, dear reader, nor to anyone I know. But I’ve felt these conflicting feelings before, even if I haven’t expressed them. I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of this mixed message. I figure most of you will understand what I’m talking about.

Sparks: Facebook/Social Networking

One of the many reasons I don’t post with my IRL name here (I won’t say “real”, since xJane is just as real in many ways) is because I am attempting to manage my image. In our internet age, I still find it to be very important to not ruffle feathers in a public way … [Read more…]

Random Windows into the Past.

The flickr gnomes pulled three pictures from the Commons and put them up on my dashboard there: Two Women Boxing (love the hats!): I’m sure this is faked, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy: Color photo of a real Rosie the Riveter type from WWII:

Pictures of the Week.

I ordered prints of my favorite flickr pics (from the ones I’ve taken) and created a photo mosaic in my office: And Discover Magazine’s blog picked up a picture of GameBoy contemplating a good breakfast to illustrate a post (free, with attribution: this, my friends, is how Creative Commons is intended to be used):

Photo: Grand Central Station.

I’ve resolved to post more photos on the site, and I think I’m going to start with some from my travel to DC and NYC. I hope this turns out to be a bit more interesting than the proverbial dreaded vacation slide show. This is a shot I took of Grand Central Station, a two … [Read more…]