Dualism: Revisited

While reading chandelle’s recent post and the comments that followed, I had occasion to think about my dualism, which I’ve discussed at length before. Many of the comments discuss the “spectrum of sexuality”, how there may be some people who are completely heterosexual or completely homosexual, but that most people likely fall somewhere in between … [Read more…]

Bit Lit Crit

That would be “Bitchy Literary Criticism”. John & I were having a conversation about good books and the concept of “strong female characters”, as a reason I might want to explore the Sabriel series. My response was that I had been recommended Miyazaki’s manga/movies for the same reason, that the author writes “strong female characters”, … [Read more…]

Fucking Friday: Bitch.

“I’m a YUPpie,” goes the old joke, “You know, a Young, Upwardly-Mobile Professional.” “We’re DINKS,” comes a reply, “You know, Double Income, No Kids.” [in one version, the third response is “WIFE“, but my favorite is] “Me, I’m a BITCH.” Jaws drop. People stare, drinks raised halfway to their lips. She smiles naughtily and purrs, … [Read more…]

Twenty Best Tweets from September 2008

The list is rather arbitrary–I think I had well over a hundred tweets, and I whittled them down to the following. Micro-blogging has been my latest experiment, and I know that some of the creative energy I typically expend on Mind on Fire. I’m going to try to redirect some of that back over here, … [Read more…]


*desperately trying to avoid typing “theoCRAZY!”* I missed this discussion at school, but have been seeing flyers for a forum on asylum law that state: HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION? […] Come hear [asylum professionals] discuss asylum law and practice. In particular, they will discuss the plight of Christian converts in Iran and … [Read more…]

What is the Law?

I just started Law School (yesterday!) and one of the major focuses of the first classes in each course was this question. We were asked to define the law in our own words. What is the purpose of law? This question received answers like “civilizing of society”, “justice” (which was further defined as incorporating concepts … [Read more…]