Permanent Transience.

The floors of Gates 1-3 at the Long Beach Airport have the hollow feel of classroom portables. When travelers deplane and plod past, you can hear the echo of frozen impermanence. I don’t know what plans the city of Long Beach has for this place, but but the temporary structures at my childhood schools were … [Read more…]

Captain’s Blog, Stardate 3.14159265

Years ago, Avery Brooks (who will forever be Cmdr. Sisko to me) did a truly awesome commercial for IBM, one that still prompts me to occasionally exclaim, “I was promised flying cars!” The point was that, when people look into the future, they see today’s technology modified for the future, not the invention of whole … [Read more…]

Going Personal.

I’m determined to write a post today, but half of my lunch hour is gone and I’m still staring at the WordPress version of a blank page. My relationship to Mind on Fire has shifted repeatedly over the years.  It began as something intimate, brief postings read only by friends I knew IRL.  As I … [Read more…]


I’m sorry I’ve not been posting recently, law school has finally caught up with me and consumed my life. I had to cancel the event that makes the holidays bearable for me (a goose-filled gamer fest) because I simply hadn’t the time to prepare and plan it. One of the prospective attendants told me that, … [Read more…]

Photo of the week: Zombie + Victim

My Zombie + victim, originally uploaded by mind on fire. Just had to share a little Halloween love with everyone. Also, bragging rights: lifehacker, one of the most widely read blogs in the world (up there with Daily Kos, boing boing, the Huffington Post and Cute Overload) featured my creation along with a few others … [Read more…]

Why I’m Against Proposition 8

or, xJane gets mushy Yesterday was DH’s and my 3rd anniversary. It gave me a chance to reflect on love, marriage, and rights. Specifically on why I did (and did not) get married & what that makes me think about the rights of others. I did not get married so that I could bear DH’s … [Read more…]