Kudos to Jana.

Jana completed her 31+ mile race across the open water from Newport Beach to Avalon yesterday. I’m so proud of her! In one day, she had her first outrigger race over 10 miles, her first ride on the Pacific in a motor boat, first swims on the open water miles away from any shoreline, and … [Read more…]

Pilgrimage: Year Seventeen.

One bright morning a childhood ago, Jana and I knelt across an altar, our right hands clasped in one of the secret grips of Melchizedek. A kind old man proclaimed that by God’s authority we were “sealed for time and all eternity.” With this ritual, we began our life journey together. We stripped the green … [Read more…]

Turning Over a New Leaf

When I was a kid, on the first day of school (usually in the fall), I would wander the playground and find a leaf. It had to be a nice looking leaf, one that spoke to me, somehow. I would then turn it over (I’m not sure where I picked this habit up, presumably from … [Read more…]

Speaker for the Dead

I have 5 sisters, plus a mother and an aunt. I will not likely get a chance to eulogize my father at his funeral. I also don’t believe in the “he was a great man who never made any mistakes” brand of eulogies. For myself and for him, I’d like a Speaker, to Speak the … [Read more…]