Happy Anniversary to Us!

Fourteen freakin’ years! We’re closer to our silver wedding anniversary than away from it. In a few minutes, Jana will whisk us away to parts unknown–unknown to me, at least. Stay tuned for *breaking details. *The news breaks when the Internets are accessible, not necessarily when it happens.

Steve Jobs is the Anti-Buddha.

In something I wrote recently (though I can’t quite remember where), I said that “Steve Jobs is the anti-Buddha,” lamenting his company’s ability to keep me quite attached to certain delectable material goodies in this world. Apparently I’m not the only one that reached this conclusion–the following quote is from a article on Ars Technica … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Love!

I am a hacker failure. I tried to crack Jana’s blog so that I could put a birthday message that all her friends, family and fans could comment on, but instead I got Blogger.com to fire an email message to her saying that they were resetting her password. So I’ve lost the element of surprise, … [Read more…]

Called in.

Yesterday I was released as one of instructors for my men’s group (called the Elders’ Quorum, despite its twenty to thirty something demographic). Despite the mental gymnastics I sometimes had to pull to adhere to the lesson plan and still conform to my own personal values (the missionary lessons were the hardest, since my own … [Read more…]

Room for dessert?

Next week is finals! This semester is like eating a home-cooked meal in Italy–the courses are scrumptious but they keep on coming and you have no choice but to force it all down. It’s sweet agony, and dull relief is but a week away.

One little bridge.

I get a late night craving and break my fast-food fast. My eye is single to the glory of the deep-fried chicken strip. I hand my cash to a petite Latina woman. She is very, very pregnant. “Is it hard to be standing all day?” I ask. She struggles to understand me and says, “Yes.” … [Read more…]

A Diplomat without a Country.

When I was 20, I read an autobiography by the late Edwin O. Reischauer, Harvard professor, ambassador to Japan and one of the founders of East Asian Studies in the United States. It remains one of the most influential books in my life–after reading it, I decided that I wanted to A) be a scholar, … [Read more…]

UC Fudge Sundae.

On my drive back from class in Long Beach tonight (in a rare Southern California downpour), I got to thinking about my connections to UC Irvine. Jana and I met and married here as undergrads and had our first child here. I live and work on campus. Jana is a grad student (her department is … [Read more…]

Young Jedi-in-Training

Sorry for the postlessness–there’s been a convergence of school, work, family and Church commitments over the past week. I think that things will get back on track tomorrow. Both Jana and E were home sick today, and I left work to take care of them for a bit mid-day. E and I folded laundry while … [Read more…]