Happy Winter Solstice!

What was once a deathly concern is now a convenient metaphor: from here on out (until the cycle begins again) the dark night will stop consuming the bright days, winter will linger but spring will return with the prolonged shining of the sun. I’m not sure if there’s a connection between all of this and … [Read more…]

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again: figuring out what to get people and whether or not those are people you really need to get things for. I’ve started keeping a list inside my calendar of people’s names followed by links to things I think they might like. I then run them by my husband to … [Read more…]


Randy Travis has a song called “Heroes and Friends” which features the line Your heroes will help you find good in yourself. which I thought of the other day whilst playing Ultimate Alliance. My husband and I both love video games but generally entirely different genres: he likes first-person-shooters and I like puzzle games. Aside … [Read more…]

And a Merry Fishmen to You!

Jana tagged me for this holiday meme, and it’s perfect for the little space between the end of my work day and the beginning of my paper-slaving for school projects due next week. I’ve never been big on Christmas. As I got older, we emphasized the Japanese New Year’s (Oshogatsu) over the Christian holiday, though … [Read more…]


Those few of you who have seen me online know that I have many “available” messages including “Heretic”, “Portable Pagan” (my other computer had me as simply “Pagan”), “Sacralicious”, “2nd person of the Divine Trinity”, and the above, among others less incendiary. I had this particular one up and a friend of mine, who is … [Read more…]


My first two academicky publications are in print now! I’m the *second author on Maturing and Enduring: Dialogue and Its Readers after Forty Years in the Winter 2006 issue of Dialogue, for my help in collecting and processing the survey data. The data shows that the Dialogue’s subscription based has aged by two decades in … [Read more…]

Dreams Deferred.

Jana writes that she was once willing to sacrifice her life if it would get me back into the LDS Church. I remember telling God around the same time that if he wanted to put the last nail into the coffin of my belief, he would take away my wife or my children. I think … [Read more…]

Pink Puke

I have never been especially fond of pink. To me it separated the girls from the tomboys and I was most definitely the latter. It was girls being unoriginal, mothers locking their children into gender roles (unless on boys, I approve of pink on the male segment of the population), and, as Dooce says, ” … [Read more…]


A few things that I’m thankful for (a by no means exhaustive list): Autumn color schemes. Bubble wrap. And Benadryl. Catgirl (daughter o’ mine). Darjeeling tea. Edo-period Japan. Feminism. And feminists. Gameboy (firstborn prodigy). Hills in the British Isles (especially grassy, remote ones with cairns on top). Inter-library loan privileges. Jana. Kittens. Lips. Moss. (especially … [Read more…]

I loved you first.

I get my best music recommendations from artists. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I don’t actually have to know any hipster artists. An obscure cartoonist in Manchester, England, introduced me to this angel, and my last month or so has had its heavenly factor boosted by an order of magnitude. You can experience … [Read more…]

Les Mis?rables

My mother and I used to fly to NYC to go to musicals. London was closer, but this was before our discovery of it, and of the Mousetrap. I had a sister who lived there, then; we would stay with her. Usually we had an additional excuse to be there, visiting the sister, for example, … [Read more…]