I turned thirty six today. I joined the LDS Church eighteen years ago, the day after my coming of age. I’ve spent half of my life enveloped by Mormonism. In that time I: Served a two-year proselytizing mission in Japan. Met and married Jana. Conceived two beautiful, beautiful children (still raising them). Earned a bachelor’s … [Read more…]

No Home Movies…This Time.

Miko and I love this adorable picture of MoF old-timer Jonathan with his baby daughter (Jonathan, it’s wonderful to put a face to your name, heart and mind). As this is primarily a topical blog, I try not to subject you all to my the minutiae of my personal life, but I feel inspired this … [Read more…]

Getting All the Answers.

Most people at work know that I want to get a PhD in religious studies (only one year left to my master’s degree!). But I was a little taken aback when my office mate said, “John, I’m waiting for you to get that PhD so that you can come back and give me all the … [Read more…]

Homemaker Boot Camp

One of my sisters just got engaged. And I’m very happy for her. I hope that this is the love she has been waiting for. I hope that this marriage lasts (her fiance is a double-divorcer, just recently annulled). I hope that she is happy. She will be moving from New Mexico to LA and, … [Read more…]

Manly Knits.

I have doing the work + school thing for so long that I’ve developed the sad habit of calling the times when I’m only working full-time “vacation.” And after two weeks at feminist Mormon housewives, I felt a little blogged-out. Fortunately, none of you have missed me because of Miko’s l337 bl0gg1ng skilz. For the … [Read more…]


So, last night, my apartment caught fire. I don’t mean my apartment as in, “the rooms in which I live” but the rooms in which someone else lives in the building in which all of our rooms are. So, an apartment in my apartment complex (which I refer to generally as “my apartment” although my … [Read more…]

LA Musings

When I was a kid and until I got a “real” job, my life was ruled by the school season. My year started the first day of school and ended on the first day of summer. I lived in a place where school started in the autumn, so there were always plenty of leaves. My … [Read more…]

Test Your Brilliance (or Life Experience).

Five free credits for royalty-free stock photography at iStockPhoto to the first person who can identify what the scribblings in this picture represent. Note: Immediate family members of John Dewey Remy are not eligible to participate in this quiz.


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Or if you only have one, that’s cool. This year, I resolve to love my family. I’ve spent many long years breaking out of the self-misogyny that I learned from everyone I knew, basically, until high school (when I discovered Our Bodies, Ourselves but didn’t ever read it). I’ve … [Read more…]