Secret Santa Can Suck It 2014: ShellHawk

As usual, I’m late, but as usual, I’m having a blast picking out Secret Santa gifties for someone I don’t know that I don’t actually have to give! Over at Shadow Manor, the Caretaker organizes an annual “gift swap” that involves unlimited budgets and lots of images but no actual exchange. It’s perfect. This year, … [Read more…]

What Do You Look Like in Heaven?

This is one of my fundamental problems with bodily resurrection (or even some kind of spiritual resurrection where you still look like yourself): what do you look like when you’re bodily resurrected or spiritually residing in heaven? I only knew my grandmother when she was my grandmother: short, white hair, friendly hugs, matriarch…but when I … [Read more…]

I have always been free

I’ve been acquiring spider jewelry and clothes for a few years now, and I wear them fairly regularly. I have gotten strange looks but few people ask me about them (unless it’s around October, when I wear them more often, more of them, and more brazenly, in which case no one looks at me even … [Read more…]

And laid him on my couch to rest.

’Twas night; the floods were out; it blew A winter hurricane aloof. I heard his voice abroad and flew To bid him welcome to my roof. I warmed and clothed and cheered my guest And laid him on my couch to rest; Then made the earth my bed, and seemed In Eden’s garden while I … [Read more…]

Ode to Toby Joy

Right now, this is all that I have left of Toby: When I say all I have left, I mean this digital photo of her collar, the empty, tiny cat-shaped hole she left behind, ephemeral memories. I don’t think she ever crossed 5 lbs. She’s always been a dainty creature: When she sat, she kept … [Read more…]

Female Energy

I feel like I live in a very masculine world. I know this is a stupidly obvious observation to anyone who, you know, can see, but I also feel very often as though I buy into it. I’m not a woman who likes skirts and children, which means it’s hard for me to find a … [Read more…]

On Dresses and Being Worth It.

This has been going around teh intarwebs, and it wasn’t until I commented on this repost that I realized I had something to say about it. Background: The Bloggess, who if you don’t follow on twitter, go do it now. I’ll wait. You back? Okay, so the Bloggess recently posted about a red dress and … [Read more…]