Well, my association with all you peaceniks and Quakers has finally made an impact (and that’s a good thing! but I never thought it’d happen). It used to be that my default impulse to just about any stimulus was one of defense. Not necessarily physical but definitely defensive. When I went to domestic violence training … [Read more…]

OMG, go watch Kings, now.

It’s got it all: atheism, spirituality, god, scifi, and good music!! Hulu’s got the first four eps up right now (and it doesn’t keep them forever), so go catch up. It’s too smart and too well written to stay on the air for long. It’s the story of Kings David and Saul transposed into a … [Read more…]

Mary in Catholicism: Close to my heart (Spark)

Two recent news stories impressed upon me the fact that I will always be some kind of Catholic. Even if it’s ex-Catholic. My first step in rejecting religion was exploring my own. This started as what I later knew to be feminist critique of Catholicism. The more I learned, the more it seemed clear to … [Read more…]

Sparks! (I’m Back)

For a few weeks when I first stopped being able to find time to blog, I kept windows open in Safari to the point that it was neigh on impossible to shut down my computer, for fear of losing all the wonderful and amazing links I was going to share! But then I got into … [Read more…]

Meditation v. Prayer

I had my first final today. In preparation, I spent some time on the library’s balcony, enjoying the view, the silence, and the not-school-ness. I also spent some time in the library’s prayer room. (I also spent some time watching the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, but this post is not about that.) Hanging out in … [Read more…]