Vacation, Marathons and Other Feats of Endurance.

I want to write a lot more about our Paris trip, including a handy guide for families with young children. One thought just struck me, however, and I’ll post it for posterity: we were together for two weeks as a family, 24 hours a day (except for the 4 hours that Grandma and Becky watched … [Read more…]

Americans in Paris.

The last three sets of Remy Family vacation photos are up now. – Paris02 – Paris03 – Paris04 People are actually asking to see pictures! Wow!

Paris photo group one.

I’ve narrowed down our 1100+ Paris photos to the best (or at least most representative) 120 pictures. I hate to inflict home slideshows on the wide world via the web, but here goes the first batch. (1 of 4–check back soon for the others)


I’m back from Paris. Sort of. It’s been four days, and I’m still waking up before the cats. I’m ravenous, so I eat a bowl of cereal and a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream with Trader Joe’s “Midnight Moo” chocolate syrup poured over it. A jet-lagged marketing exec must have come up with the … [Read more…]


Leaving for Europe (mostly Paris) in just under 9 hours. I plan: – to eat baguettes so crisp on the outside, so soft on the inside that I will become embittered about American baguettes for the rest of my life. – to try to smuggle a really stinky cheese back to the US in a … [Read more…]