California pilgrImage: Station II

Any journey, even that of an exodus (from religion), is personal. We can make similar stops, walk together for a time, and show each other signposts, but we cannot make the same journey. That said, I’m stealing John’s category. John’s pilgrimage is explicitly OC. Mine is not yet limited to any area, although there is … [Read more…]

OC Mosque Tour.

My OC Pilgrimage has been on hiatus for the past six months or so, but I’m starting it back up. This year, I hope that some of you can join me on a bit of respectful religious tourism. The first station for 2007 is the Islamic Center of Orange County. The local interfaith group is … [Read more…]

Tourist on Earth

Somewhere I read about a person who saw a bumpersticker that said “tourist on earth” and this made him contemplate what being a tourist meant. To him, it meant: seeing everything as new, being open to whatever experience comes, and appreciating the things that are appreciated by the locals. This is much paraphrased and informed … [Read more…]

All Apologies.

You may have noticed more growing pains. I’ve wanted to switch from a two-column to a three-column layout for some time now. I can fit more info, but I’ll have to move away from the minimalist, airy look I prefer. I’m doing patch jobs on the live site while I work off-line on a brand … [Read more…]

OC Pilgrimage, Station 08: Azusa Street.

My 8th pilgrimage was to a nondescript alley in downtown LA that was the birthplace of the 20th century global Pentecostal movement. I visited it on the eve of the Pentecostal centennial celebration. One hundred years ago, the black preacher William Joseph Seymore, ignited a spiritual spark among his (then radical) interracial congregation that spread … [Read more…]