Sunday Morning Video Lineup

A vid take on MoF’s Sparks: First up, Stuart Shepard, who I’d not heard of before today but is apparently a member of Focus on the Family’s activism arm, is encouraging everyone to encourage his God to rain on Obama’s acceptance speech. Which seems to me to be incredibly petty: pray for peace? pray for … [Read more…]

65mph Challenge

“Hypermiling” has become all the rage in the media sources I frequent (in order of its appearance: Wired, NPR, and GroovyGreen), but it’s always seemed too dangerous and requiring too much thought. I learned to drive on the Autobahn, where there is no speed limit, only a minimum, and a posted “recommendation” of 120kph (about … [Read more…]

Einstein: Religions are “childish superstition”

(It’s that time again – guest post from Zach time.) (Image from Bloomsbury Auctions) Lots of people are talking about a newly-surfaced letter by Einstein, which seems to clarify his ambiguous views on religion with the following strongly-worded statements: The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, … [Read more…]

October Moon

Despite the heat LA has experienced in the last few days I know it’s October at night. There must be something about the proximity & angles of the moon to the northern hemisphere in October, because I can tell what month it is by looking at the moon regardless of where I’ve found myself of an October. It’s big, orange, and slightly obscured by clouds in a painfully romantic way.

Duality: Chaos & Order

When I was in high school, if I wanted to do anything on a Sunday (missing church), I’d have to go to Saturday evening mass. Since the English Community only had one service a week, and since it was 50k away, I’d walk down to the local Catholic Church and sit in the way back (eventually it did occur to me that I didn’t have to go there, just be gone for the right general amount of time, but I still usually hung out around there). I found it much easier to tune out mass in German, so I often spent the hour or so thinking Deep Thoughts. One of the major Deep Thoughts was of chaos & order.


There’s something comforting about familiar freeways. Sure, I’m driving down the 55, and I can all but see the carbon monoxide in the air and my field of view is saturated to the peripheries with oil-slicked concrete and windowless bunker-like warehouses, but the traffic is moving, I am at home, and I am happy. When … [Read more…]