Ear and Eye Candy

For you French Jonathan Coulton fans out there: A translation en français of that cubicle zombie classic, Re: Your Brains. (Also good for Francophone zombies.) I’m passing you on to the referring site instead of providing a direct link to the song–for therein is the eye candy, if you’re xJane (or someone with similar tastes). … [Read more…]

Mosh Meditation.

A week ago, we played the “Ah, Girl Mix” as we drove up to Quaker meeting. As we drove through downtown Santa Ana, Eminem’s rhythm and emotion filled the car. Underlying my silent meditation that morning was the pulsing conviction of “Mosh.” It was as effective as any Tibetan singing bowl. Thanks are due to … [Read more…]


Got Jana a 70s era turntable and a pair of cabinet speakers for her birthday. Very retro-hip. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited over a gift. For our date, after eating delicious vegan meaty substances at Orange County’s new Native Foods, then went to the Salvation Army to scrounge for LPs*. We … [Read more…]