Fucking Friday: Bitch.

“I’m a YUPpie,” goes the old joke, “You know, a Young, Upwardly-Mobile Professional.” “We’re DINKS,” comes a reply, “You know, Double Income, No Kids.” [in one version, the third response is “WIFE“, but my favorite is] “Me, I’m a BITCH.” Jaws drop. People stare, drinks raised halfway to their lips. She smiles naughtily and purrs, … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Personal Jesus

This is one of my all time favorite songs. Depeche Mode (the peach, with ice cream?) wrote a haunting offer to stand in for a missing element: [wp_youtube]KW3aEimWW10[/wp_youtube] Your own, personal, Jesus. A Jesus you don’t have to share with the rest of humanity. Someone who cares A wonderful indictment against an indifferent Jesus.

Music Monday: the Grave

I was listening to this the other day while packing and it made me cry (as it always does). If anything could make me a pacifist, it would be this song: Don McLean’s the Grave [wp_youtube]Z4G2iKDzHrs[/wp_youtube] This line, particularly: When the wars of our nation did beckon, A man barely twenty did answer the calling. … [Read more…]

(Not) Music Monday: Pork and Beans, by Weezer.

I’ve been debating about sharing this link for the past week.  It has nothing to do with religion or feminism or science fiction (though I’m sure if we worked hard enough we could make some kind of connection), but it is simultaneously the (hermaphroditic) Queen and King of the Internet Mashup, If you haven’t seen … [Read more…]

One Particular Harbor

I grew up listening to music that was not what is generally considered age-appropriate. (Guy Lombardo, Tom Lehrer, Peter Paul & Mary, for example.) Jimmy Buffett was one of them. This song always makes me think of heaven. Not my heaven, perhaps, but it’s definitely his heaven. And it gets me every time I listen … [Read more…]

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion – at church

(Hello, this is Zach Alexander — you may have read my Leaving the Garden post, and this is the first of a few guest articles I’m posting while John is otherwise engaged.) “The stuff that really brings people together, and makes us happy to live together, originates from a caring and thoughtful mind that’s been … [Read more…]

Expressing Emotion via an iTunes Playlist:

Smoke and Narcolepsy, by Ben Folds Five Here I Stand and Face the Rain, A-Ha You Turn the Screws, Cake Big-Eyed Fish and Bartender, Dave Matthews Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, Neko Case Invisible Sun and Synchronicity II, Police Karma Police, Radiohead Jumper, Third Eye Blind The Smiths (several songs)

Music Monday: Bodhisattva Vow, by the Beastie Boys

You’d never think that the Beastie Boys, of all groups, could produce thoughtful, meditative/religious tunes.  This one is god-free, but does pitch some supernatural Buddhist ideas: [wp_youtube]KtKhakSmwhA[/wp_youtube] I love to blast this and focus exclusively on the deep bass chanting. The following song is all about doubt and searching.  The imagery is pretty generic, so … [Read more…]