Music Monday: Bodhisattva Vow, by the Beastie Boys

You’d never think that the Beastie Boys, of all groups, could produce thoughtful, meditative/religious tunes.  This one is god-free, but does pitch some supernatural Buddhist ideas: [wp_youtube]KtKhakSmwhA[/wp_youtube] I love to blast this and focus exclusively on the deep bass chanting. The following song is all about doubt and searching.  The imagery is pretty generic, so … [Read more…]

(Belated) Music Monday: Chocolate Jesus, by Tom Waits

Between jury duty and studying for midterms, I missed Music Monday. Like the Good Book says, better late than never.  Here’s a little something for those of you who like your Jesus to be tasty, satisfying and deep inside your belly. Here’s Tom Waits performing the song on Letterman: [wp_youtube]1wfamPW3Eaw[/wp_youtube] Here’s the song with understandable … [Read more…]