Music Monday: Still Alive

I’ve held off for as long as I could bear to, but it is now time to release this upon the MoF community. From the guy who brought us the classic office zombie song, Re: Your Brains and the classy May Day song, First of May, comes the geek classic Still Alive, the end-credits song … [Read more…]

Another Music Monday: Handlebars, by Flobots.

I know we’re only one day out from Music Monday, but this was way too cool to wait six more days: Handlebars. Apparently they disabled embedding, but we’ll let them pass this time. Anyhow, this is basically my updated Mosh (by Eminem). Thanks, G! Oh, here’s Mosh, in case you want that, too: [wp_youtube]VOLMVQa0KD8[/wp_youtube]

Music Monday: Personal Jesus

This is one of my all time favorite songs. Depeche Mode (the peach, with ice cream?) wrote a haunting offer to stand in for a missing element: [wp_youtube]KW3aEimWW10[/wp_youtube] Your own, personal, Jesus. A Jesus you don’t have to share with the rest of humanity. Someone who cares A wonderful indictment against an indifferent Jesus.

Music Monday: the Grave

I was listening to this the other day while packing and it made me cry (as it always does). If anything could make me a pacifist, it would be this song: Don McLean’s the Grave [wp_youtube]Z4G2iKDzHrs[/wp_youtube] This line, particularly: When the wars of our nation did beckon, A man barely twenty did answer the calling. … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Where the Hell is Matt?

I never thought I’d get choked up watching a stupid dance video, but this one is amazing for both the incredible range of Matt Harding’s travel experience and for showing that no matter the culture, age, race or location, homo sapiens loves to dance. [wp_youtube]zlfKdbWwruY[/wp_youtube]

Music Monday: Saul Williams covers U2

One of the more challenging albums I’ve bought downloaded for free lately has been Saul Williams‘s The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust (produced by T. Reznor). So I’ll take this Music Monday opportunity to post a song from it, a cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”: [wp_youtube]BDwujmhSnj8[/wp_youtube] The original by U2, of course, is … [Read more…]

Music Monday: WWJD, by Julie Wittner and Ryan Smith

A little taste of what you’re in for: “So if you’re a truck buyer, be like your Meh-sai-er–only Ford pickups will do.” “When your best friend’s a shyster, don’t drink Jagermeister. Jack is what Jesus would drink.” [wp_youtube]8V9kSz7OfJQ[/wp_youtube] h/t Friendly Atheist

Music Monday: Kitsune References.

Kitsune is the sly and shape-changing Japanese fox. Neko Case is a Seattle punk rocker turned alt-country crooner. It could be just me, but her Ukrainian heritage isn’t evident in her name. Before I ever heard her incredible voice, I was drawn to her name: Neko means “cat” in Japanese. The title song from the … [Read more…]