Music Monday: Memorial Day 2010

I’m not a huge fan of war-glorifying holidays, especially when they degenerate into an excuse to eat, drink, and buy to excess. Memorial Day certainly fits that bill. But, underneath the Uncle Sams who want me to buy a new car, there is a respect for those who fell in the wars our country saw … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Born to Fly

Some of the bits of this song annoy me, but I love the repeated chorus: “How do you keep your feet on the ground/When you know you were born to fly‽” It also reminds me of this necklace. I think we all fly when other people aren’t watching—especially if we haven’t learned yet that we … [Read more…]

“Ma’am, I am tonight!”

Let’s call this a Music Monday. I have always loved “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn. It was the kind of religion I understood, even when I was young. the original: When the Divine appears to people in the old testament, they are ordered to remove their shoes, because they tread on sacred ground. Here, … [Read more…]

Music Monday: O.N.E. by Yeasayer

Ah, iTunes Single of the Week, how I love thee. This has nothing to do with anything that we usually post on here at MoF except that it is my new current favorite song. The video is proof that the ’80s live again and we should all be afraid, very afraid. No real commentary except … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Walking with a Ghost

For some reason, John’s request for favorite vampire/zombie movies and books reminded me of this—which is a song and about ghosts. So…yeah, I don’t know what the connection is. I love the simplicity and sweetness of this track and the awesome video made me love it even more.

Music Monday: Money, by Jesca Hoop.

Ladies and gents, I present to you the inimitable Jesca Hoop! She’s usually introduced as Tom Waits’ former nanny (Tom Waits has kids!? Do they have his chin tuft?), but thankfully, her voice bears no resemblance to his. LA Weekly describes her music as “an odd combination of folk, cabaret, melancholia and grace.” What the … [Read more…]

Music…Day.: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I just discovered my favorite versions of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” have the genders reversed: and I love Christmas carols—even the new ones—and firmly believe that the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Happy Holidays, everyone—may they be filled with song.

Music Monday: If My Heart Was a House

…you’d be home. AWWWW! This group, but this song especially, makes me melt. It turns me into a romantic, even though I’m not. This is so not my kind of music. I’m a hardrockin’ Nickleback kind of person, but Owl City makes me smile like seeing a couple in a park holding hands. Here’s the … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Bed, by Semisonic

I apologize for the music video, this appears to be the only one available for this song. Although it seems to promote the fallacy that people need sex, I listen to it and think that it actually promotes the fact that sex is more than just physical “I’ve got to find another way to get … [Read more…]