My Excommunication Posts are Up for a Niblet Award.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gradually withdrawn from my engagement in the Mormon blogging world (affectionately referred to as the ‘Bloggernacle’), but I’m going to take one last little dive back into it. Apparently my excommunication experience has been nominated in the write-in category for the Niblet awards, and it’s doing all right: … [Read more…]

Prop 8 on Campus 2.0

This time, Dean Starr introduced Monte Stewart, of the Marriage Law Foundation (or MLF). I bet I can guess which way this one will go. There were questions but no rebuttal. It was sponsored by the J. Reuben Clark Society, who described its mission as exploring how religious belief influences practice of the law. Proposition … [Read more…]

Spark: We Haven’t Linked to in a While

So here you go: “Orson Scott Card Wants YOU (To Rise Up Against The Gay Menace). Including such gems as To those to of you who haven’t read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott card, warning: two spoilers follow. Spoiler 1: Your childhood was incomplete. and You’ve spent your life imagining diverse races and cultures, and … [Read more…]

My Brief Sojourn Among Mormon Feminists

Ironically,  one of the few places in Mormondom where I still feel welcome is in the Mormon feminist blogspace. Three of them are listed in my sidebar under “Feminist.” One of my favorite sites, Zelophehad’s Daughters, is run by grad students (I feel a spiritual affinity to my favorite ZD blogger, Kiskilili, who studies Sumerian … [Read more…]