Quick Hit: Join the [Steampunk] Party!

I will be at Edison this Thursday (that would be tomorrow, June 19th) from at least 5ish to past 7 (5-7 is “1910 martinis at 1910 prices”). Come promote drinking, blogging, and steam punk. Or just come to hang out (I’ll be wearing goggles & a white vest with pocket watch).

Why I’m Going to See The Golden Compass (Hint: I was Encouraged by Bill Donahue)

Before I begin this post about the Golden Compass, a refreshingly original fantasy by Philip Pullman and a movie that will be released on December 7th, I have to mention that our very own xJane, with her exclusive Hollywood connections, has already seen and pre/reviewed the movie! Listen to tone of Bill Donahue (sort of … [Read more…]