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Tagged by Miko: Eight things about me (each should be more revealing than the previous): I’ve ‘run’ two marathons. I’ve been fighting writer’s block at the ol’ MoF for the past couple of weeks. But I’ve started writing fiction again, so maybe I have limited daily allotment of creative writing energy. I once set a … [Read more…]


sounds like something you do to an old freight car stuck in an alley. Elise tagged me and so I shall respond. Rules & 8 things about me below the fold…but I’m not sure I can come up with 8 people who have blogs and that I could tag (like, I could tag dooce, but … [Read more…]


I’m getting cheerful correspondence from local LDS leadership again: My attention was recently called [to] the 5/26/07 posting on your website. I was frankly surprised at the obvious lack of sensitivity for the beliefs of your present and former friends and associates in the Church. Such is not only disrespectful, but is a direct perversion … [Read more…]


I’m sure this has been done elsewhere, but like peanut butter and chocolate, the lolCats meme and religion are two great tastes that taste great together. Each of these uses one or more lolCats conventions. If you don’t get it, you might have to spend a few hours researching, as I did in preparation for … [Read more…]

[Updated] More Five Questions Responses.

Elaine Frei responded to the five questions interview meme. Once again, I’m amazed at the caliber of people that choose to hang around here at Mind on Fire. I knew that Elaine was smart and passionate, but I didn’t realize just how wide-ranging her interests were. If you enjoy her guest posts and comments, I … [Read more…]

What are You Doing Hanging Around Here?

Jeff and nee responded to the five questions interview meme (also see my answers and Miko’s). I’m not a meme-guy, but I like this one because each isntance of the meme is completely different from its predecessors and siblings, and it has the potential for great fun and intimacy. Jeff’s responses demonstrate a deep love … [Read more…]

Twenty Questions (divided by two).

This is a clever meme in which you ask to be interviewed by someone who is responding to someone else’s questions. I did it twice, once with Bored in Vernal, because I wanted to learn more about her, and once with PilgrimGirl, because I wanted to learn more about her (you can never learn enough … [Read more…]

Thinking Blogger.

Bored in Vernal tagged me as a Thinking Blogger. This is quite an honor, coming from her! It’s also a meme, so my duty is to name five other blogs that make me think. In order to avoid being too incestuous or repetitive, I decided not list any of the bloggers who are part of … [Read more…]

Give me five!

Holly tagged me, so I’m “it.” Instructions: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so. 1. Ultimate Writer 2. Golgotha_Tramp 3. FrankenGirl 4. Holly at Self-Portrait as 5. John at Next select five people to … [Read more…]


What follows is the response to my brother Josh���s mini-meme: What are your short term goals? (Within 1 year) For my short-term goals, I���m going to cheat and refer to this post that I wrote recently. It���s kind of vague, so some specifics are: greater patience with my family, more cleaning around the house, daily … [Read more…]