Secret Santa (Can Suck It) to Inveigh

The inestimable Cobwebs of Shadow Manor (she and I have a teeny bit of a mutual admiration society going on) started a Santa Can Suck It virtual gift exchange last year. The concept is simple: pretend to give things to someone you’re secretly given as if you cared enough to spend the time/money to actually … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Blogs Require Thick Skins

One of the things I love about MoF is that we’re a pretty small community and don’t attract a lot of trolls. This is not to say we never attract trolls, but when we do, it’s a surprise. There are many sites whose comments I simply don’t read because I don’t want to deal with … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Still Alive

I’ve held off for as long as I could bear to, but it is now time to release this upon the MoF community. From the guy who brought us the classic office zombie song, Re: Your Brains and the classy May Day song, First of May, comes the geek classic Still Alive, the end-credits song … [Read more…]

Mobile Social Foundation

One of my sisters (#4) has been known to wax poetic about the fact that, in this current day and age, people are obsessed with themselves. Hence, “i-” products (iPod, iLife, iBrator, iWannaCookie, &c.). When I heard about Apple’s migration of .Mac to MobileMe, I couldn’t conceive of telling her ( just sounds so pretentious). … [Read more…]

Spark: Reflections on your beliefs

I checked out this survey on a prompt from Pharyngula. I recommend that you do the same. We may indeed be giving the creator of the survey food for thought, but what I found was that it was a good, concrete way to think about my own beliefs, hang-ups, and tendencies. I think it’s a … [Read more…]

(Not) Music Monday: Pork and Beans, by Weezer.

I’ve been debating about sharing this link for the past week.  It has nothing to do with religion or feminism or science fiction (though I’m sure if we worked hard enough we could make some kind of connection), but it is simultaneously the (hermaphroditic) Queen and King of the Internet Mashup, If you haven’t seen … [Read more…]

Book Meme

I’m a bit picky about memes, since I treat Mind on Fire as a topical blog, and not a personal one, but it’s hard for me to pass up this book-related blog meme from Zach (the coolest nontheist Quaker you’ll ever encounter, on line or off). Here are the rules; Pick up the nearest book … [Read more…]

We’ve Started Something

First, there was John’s dabbling in mapping lolCats onto traditional religious images. Then, the folks over at Cracked gave us some awesome lolReligion interspersed in their 10 Things Christians and Atheists Can Agree On (scroll down for the lolDog in need of a Catholic exorcism). But it didn’t stop there, oh no! Someone linked John … [Read more…]

Birthday Tradition

this was just shared with me today: my sister’s mother-in-law wishes everyone happy birthday for everyone’s birthday. This may either be a Dutch tradition, an Indonesian tradition, a Dutch-Indonesian tradition, or just the mother-in-law in question. So she calls my sister on her husband’s birthday and says “Happy your husband’s birthday!” I think this is … [Read more…]

Generation Gap

One of my sisters & I have discussed the fact & agreed that we are, in fact, of different generations, even if she only has 10 years on me. The Brazen Careerist has come up with an amusing test for identifying cultural generation based upon (perhaps biased) current-culture abilities and knowledge-sets (copied whole-sale from the … [Read more…]