Shameless ABC plug

One of my current favorite TV shows is Brothers & Sisters (after Desperate Housewives Sundays on ABC…I don’t actually know the time it’s on, that’s what I have TiVo for). It’s about a woman, her 5 children (her husband died in the first episode), her brother, and her husband’s mistress. I guess it’s a late-night, … [Read more…]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen

or, What’s in Your Wallet iPod?! Someone once said that you can tell a lot about a person from what is on their iPod (and then went on to describe what they believe to be on the iPods of certain important figures). I think this was more true when iPods were smaller. You can tell … [Read more…]

God Ads

I don’t really think god has a media consultant. But there are lots of people out there want to apply for the job. In Pasadena, near where I take my car for service, there’s a giant billboard that always has either a quote (“what part of thou shalt not is unclear?” -God) or a verse … [Read more…]