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Barack Obama won (27.9%) the MoveOn straw poll on Democratic candidates and Iraq, scoring just ahead of Edwards (24.8%) and leaving everyone else, including Clinton (10.7%), in the dust. The more I hear about Obama, the more I like. What thoughts do you all have? Jana is the Girl Anachronism. Our musical tastes don’t always … [Read more…]

15. Your true friends love you, anyway.

16 things it takes most of us 50 years to learn: I learned this through hard experience at the age of 25 but only after humiliating the pregnant woman I complimented: 3. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she’s pregnant unless you can see an actual baby … [Read more…]

Does God LISP?

I think it takes a rare combination of religion and technology geekage to fully appreciate the following: Click on the image to see the full comic. They mention LISP, which is not a speech impediment. I can’t see how the original creators of the programming language would’ve been clueless of the name’s irony. On second … [Read more…]

a Green Valentine’s Day

Living Green Below Your Means has a great article up on how to save money and resources on Valentine’s Day. Aside from supporting SAD or V-Day, both of which are very good ways to spend what has become a Hallmark Holiday at best, regardless of what it used to be. I encourage everyone interested in … [Read more…]

the glass is unnecessary

John’s link to Pharyngula’s post about optimism & pessimism in atheism & religion. Both sides, of course, think that they’re the optimists and the other ones are the pessimists (I always like to say that both optimists and pessimists call themselves realists…). I wanted to start a similar conversation here. I know that for me, … [Read more…]

Sharing the Linky Love.

Geography: What do Texas and Canada, Kansas and Malaysia, Hawaii and Nigeria have in common? The answer can be found in a map that matches the GDP of various nations of the world with the 50 states. Trend: According to the New York Times, for the first time ever more than half of American women … [Read more…]