Spark: Religion is Make Believe

George Carlin picks apart religious traditions & superstitions: “Suppose they hand you an upside down backward Chinese Braille bible with half the pages missing [for you to swear to tell the truth on]. At what point does all of this stuff just break down & become just a lot of stupid shit that somebody made … [Read more…]

We’ve Started Something

First, there was John’s dabbling in mapping lolCats onto traditional religious images. Then, the folks over at Cracked gave us some awesome lolReligion interspersed in their 10 Things Christians and Atheists Can Agree On (scroll down for the lolDog in need of a Catholic exorcism). But it didn’t stop there, oh no! Someone linked John … [Read more…]

keeping up my end of the bargain

I don’t really feel that I’ve been pulling my feminist weight around here recently (and that big long post about American Gladiators really rose from my husband’s comment; I expanded it because I wasn’t certain all our dear readers knew what AG was). And that really also means I’ve not been pulling my blogging weight … [Read more…]

God Willing

I ran across this article today about how religion shapes language shapes attitude. It relates to the Arabic word/phrase “inshallah“, which my coworker explained as “if God wills it” but which can be used for many things. This article discusses how it is seeping into American consciousness &, perhaps, changing our attitude. I know I’ve … [Read more…]

Stephen Colbert Liturgical Dance.

One of my favorite Stephen Colbert videos just resurfaced; watch it now, before it disappears again!

While we’re at it, here are links to two other favorites:

Watch this one through to the end–it’s the only time I’ve both Colbert and Jon Stewart lose composure. Warning: lots of male anatomy and gay sex innuendo (but nothing explicit).

You Might be a Geek If…

“You understand why ’42’ and ‘AYBABTU’ are funny, and still laugh at both.” I laughed. Also: “You consider ‘Geek’ a complement. [sic]” There are 18 more. via SF Signal.