“Are you really an atheist?”

said the friend sitting next to me at Christmas Eve dinner, with a vague look of disgust on her face, like I’d just admitted to enjoying self-flagellation. I was in the company of a number of people who had escaped Western religion (all some form of Christianity) and landed firmly in Eastern religion (all some … [Read more…]

Book Review: the Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions

This was cross-posted from my account at GoodReads, where I gave it two stars (of five). I would like to note that I did not read the whole book—I got through the fifth chapter before it was due at the library (and I couldn’t renew it because someone else had a hold on it). I … [Read more…]

Spark: Heavenly Mother & the Celestial Glass Ceiling

A fascinating discussion/speculation about the position of women on earth and how that mirrors their position in heaven. Includes speculation about what might have been the course of humanity if the Abrahamic God was a female. via.


*desperately trying to avoid typing “theoCRAZY!”* I missed this discussion at school, but have been seeing flyers for a forum on asylum law that state: HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION? […] Come hear [asylum professionals] discuss asylum law and practice. In particular, they will discuss the plight of Christian converts in Iran and … [Read more…]

Obama’s (Secret) Prayer

During Obama’s recent visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, according to tradition, he wrote a prayer on a piece of paper and left it there. However, since he is under media scrutiny right now, it was stolen by a young seminary student (who should have known better!). While I disagree completely with its theft, … [Read more…]

keeping up my end of the bargain

I don’t really feel that I’ve been pulling my feminist weight around here recently (and that big long post about American Gladiators really rose from my husband’s comment; I expanded it because I wasn’t certain all our dear readers knew what AG was). And that really also means I’ve not been pulling my blogging weight … [Read more…]

Religious ethics for the 21st Century

The three major monotheistic religions all have holy books that date to a minimum of 1400 years ago. This makes the relevance of these supposed Divine rules somewhat suspect. A Jewish cartoon that I enjoy reading has an interesting take on Jewish bioethics, including links under the cartoon to discussions of same. Among some of … [Read more…]

There but for the Grace of God…?

I’m in the middle of Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence. It’s a sordid read, full of the worst violences that humans can inflict on each other, but it’s compelling because: a) the author, Mark Juergensmeyer, interviews terrorists, those who follow them, and the religious leaders who provide theological … [Read more…]

Donations for Darfur.

I’m generally quiet about our charitable giving, but the more I think about it, the more I think we should talk about the organizations we support with our voluntary offerings. We transmit all kinds of information via word of mouth: good movies and books, gossip, jokes, stories–what could be more important to pass on than … [Read more…]