Spark: Google Stats

A legal team attempting to defend their client against (among other things) “obscenity” charges is trying to get Google to release certain stats about search terms in the area the trial is taking place. This is because part of the “obscenity” definition relies upon what “the average person, applying contemporary community standards” would find obscene. … [Read more…]

Gitmo Medical Center.

We just received the happy news that Jana is free to go after her little encounter with her friends the drug-resistant bacteria and modern medicine’s to beat them back. While I could kiss Jana’s doctors and Sir Alexander Fleming on his mouldering lips (if I got infected, there’s always anti-biotics!), there are certainly happier places … [Read more…]

Why I Read Comics

Because they compact revelations into a glance.  This one’s called “How it Works”: This comic is more eloquent than any treatise I can write on the power of stereotypes (and of sexism in particular). I’m thinking of how many times someone’s annoyed me with their going 45mph down the 405.  As I pass them, I … [Read more…]

We’ve Started Something

First, there was John’s dabbling in mapping lolCats onto traditional religious images. Then, the folks over at Cracked gave us some awesome lolReligion interspersed in their 10 Things Christians and Atheists Can Agree On (scroll down for the lolDog in need of a Catholic exorcism). But it didn’t stop there, oh no! Someone linked John … [Read more…]

Hint: In Britain, Pants = Underwear

This essay on the shrunken state of womens’ knickers proves that Brits still reign supreme when it comes to humor: Women’s tiny pants have massive ramifications for us as a nation. It cannot have gone unnoticed that our global power has waned in tandem with the waning of our pants. When women wore undergarments that … [Read more…]