Random Windows into the Past.

The flickr gnomes pulled three pictures from the Commons and put them up on my dashboard there: Two Women Boxing (love the hats!): I’m sure this is faked, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy: Color photo of a real Rosie the Riveter type from WWII:

the Masquerade

Driving past the high school today, I saw a number of costumed people. Even at the law school, there are plenty of people dressed up. Halloween is the day that this society acknowledges that mask. We all wear different masks throughout the day, throughout the year (the corporate yes-person, the dutiful child, the loving spouse). … [Read more…]

Hungry Ghosts and Rational Faith

Detail from the Scroll of Hungry Ghosts showing ghosts devouring corpses in a graveyard. Click to see the full image. A few years back, I took a graduate course called “Japanese Ghosts.” It was a fascinating blend of cultural, folklore, literary, feminist, political and religious studies. One article argued against the common assumption among academics … [Read more…]