Spark: Muslim Women in the News

Turkey’s Political Tensions Weigh on Women’s Heads, where a new law allows headscarves in universities. hat tip Writers Can’t See Past the Veil, a critique of Muslim women’s recent portrayal in the news. Using the Koran to feminist ends. Spark is a new category for sharing links. No intense commentary, just a link & a … [Read more…]

Yet another discussion of femininity in this race

heh, didn’t originally mean race like that, but it works that way, too. A recent book is out, called the New Feminized Majority: How Democrats Can Change America With Women’s Values. I’d like them to have a few quotation marks in that title (“…Change American With “Women’s Values”…”), but it certainly looks interesting. Feminist Law … [Read more…]

Blame the Victim

The Hathor Legacy & Zenit have awesome pieces up right now about women’s role in violence against them. The Hathor Legacy examines the myth of equating surrender to protection while Zenit has a startlingly (and I believe unintentionally) feminist examination of women’s role in their own subjugation. Both are worth a read (in the order … [Read more…]